What is BabyFilm?

BabyFilm is a community of videographers and filmmakers.

The main idea of the project BabyFilm is to promote child and famlily videography as an independent genre.

We strive to create a unique comunity of child and family videographers. With this goal in mind we invite talented people from all over the world.

Authors on our project can post their child and family films in our galleries, participate in rankings, talk in forums, exchange private mesages.

We want to provide an opportunity for a great start for beginner videographers, for filmmakers who decided to focus their work on the theme of childhood, motherhod and family.

Our web site will be interesting to members who make any genre of video, video editing, motion graphics, camera operation, and film directing.

And of course we invite parents to BabyFilm.

It is your interest and love for non-commercial family video that will make this topic popular.