Friends, please, follow the rules below!  :)

We reserve the right to block and/or remove your profile from the site BabyFilm in case of noncompliance.


Registration on babyFilm

Anyone can become a member of our site. When you register you can choose the status that best suits you: Author or Member.


Memebr Status

Members do not undergo moderation and can use made-up names when registering.

Afterwards, a member can ask administration to change his/her status to Author if he/she is ready to undergo moderation.

Memebrs cannot

- Create profiles only for a possibility to leave links to their own resources. If a member hasn't been active on the site during a considerable ammount of time, this member's profile might be deleted from the project.

- Duplicate profiles, register on the project several times under different names.


Author Status   

How to undergo moderation and receive a status of Author?

In order to be approved as Author, you need to indicate your real name and surname when registering. After you registered, during the next 3 days indicate in the profile settings your country and city, upload your avatar ( this might be your face shot or logo of your studio) and add video about children and family.

If your profile is filled out incorrectly or your video don't match the level of other work on the project, you will be given the status of Member.
In the future, if you want to go through moderation again, you can write to our support service

Adding films

Authors can add to their portfolio only the work directly related to children, mothrhood and family wih children. For other films on the site we have corresponding sections in Forum BabyFilm.

For now we don't set  a limit on adding films, but we suggest you not to post all videos at once if you have many.

It is strictly prohibited 

- To publishPublish other people's work as your own.

- To advertise yourself as being superior to other members of the community using words like the only, unique, the best etc...

To all! )

Dear members and authors.

We're asking you to treat others with respect and tact when commenting on films and in forum. Insults, dismissive tone, sarcasm and sense of superiority are not tolerated on BabyFilm!

Sending all sorts of advertisement is strictly prohibited!